Copromec patents

This section contains all Copromec patents and innovations developed by our Research & Development department.

Bands plunger tip with holes

The patented Copromec plunger tip is designed for cold chamber high-pressure die casting machines (aluminum and magnesium). The Copromec innovation exploits the energy of molten aluminum to push the ring against the shot sleeve inner walls.

The molten aluminum flows through the holes on the plunger tip head under the ring where it solidifies, pushing the ring angainst the shot sleeve inner walls. The thinner the ring becomes, the more aluminium can flow under it, compensating for the wear of the ring.

Lubricated plunger tip

Designed for cold chamber high pressure die casting machines the innovative COPROMEC plunger tip with integrated lubrication channel facilitates its sliding inside the shot sleeve, without requiring any external lubrication devices. The lubricant comes out from two holes on the upper part of the plunger tip head. While the plunger tip slides inside the shot sleeve, the lubricant flows out from the holes and the movement of the plunger tip itself allows the lubricant to cover the entire inner wall of the shot sleeve. The advantages of the Copromec system:
  • The lubrication channel is inside the rod and the plunger tip;
  • There is no waste of lubricant or leaks from the shot sleeve;
  • The lubricant reaches even the most critical parts of the shot sleeve.

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