Patented lubricated system

Copromec Die Casting has designed and patented a lubrication system that lets the customer fully control the lubrication process and at the same time achieves the goal of every customer: improve quality by cutting costs.

Our lubrication circuit allows to extend the lifetime of the components most subject to wear, i.e., shot sleeve, plunger tip and  rings, and, thanks to the rod’s integrated and internal circuit, it carries the lubricant up to the plunger tip head.

  • Uniform lubrication at each injection cycle;
  • Drastic reduction of the porosity of the casting and better quality of the piece;
  • Reduction of machine downtime due to cleaning of the shot sleeve and replacement of components;
  • Lubrication of areas of the shot sleeve that traditional lubrication systems are not able to reach;
  • Single or multiple lubricant impulse in the required quantity and in the desired position, along the entire axis of the shot sleeve.