Copromec Die Casting

The best injection technology. The solution for cold chamber high pressure die casting machines.

Patented injection system

The Copromec injection system is a patented technology used in the cold chamber high pressure die casting process of aluminum or magnesium alloys.

Patented lubricated system

Copromec Die Casting has developed and patented a lubrication system that let you fully control the lubrication process.

Lubrication unit

A signal generated by the die casting machine triggers the solenoid valve positioned inside the cabinet which activates the high-pressure pump. The lubricant is consequently drawn through a pipe from the barrel to the shot rod.


Copromec has developed two high-quality lubricants to guarantee the best performance.


Copromec has designed customized tools to assemble and disassemble the components of our injection system.

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ISO 9001

Our process management system is certified according to ISO 9001: 2015 quality standard