Support pin

Copromec support pins are made of high-tenacity tempered steel. They connect the plunger tip to the rod, support the front face of the plunger tip and ensure effective cooling.

The disign of the support pin cooling circuit ensures efficient cooling even at very high temperatures.

The support pin can be fixed to the plunger tip by thread or locking pins. If the plunger tip and the support pin are fixed by thread, the plunger tip must be screwed onto the support pin. A radial or axial locking system is required (depending on the plunger tip diameter) to prevent the plunger tip from loosening during the work cycle.

If the plunger tip and support pin are fastened by locking pins, the plunger tip must be fitted on the pin and the locking pins inserted in the corresponding seats. The rear copper ring will hold them in place.