Patented injection system

The Copromec injection system

The patented technology of the Copromec injection system is used in the cold chamber high pressure die casting process of aluminium or magnesium alloys.
The basic Copromec system is composed of the following parts: a steel body called "plunger tip", a copper ring called "ring" and a second steel element called "support pin".

The innovation of the Copromec injection system consists in the use of the energy of molten aluminum: the molten aluminium flows through the channels on the plunger tip head under the ring, so that it pushes the ring against the inner walls of the shot sleeve.

Copromec offers a wide range of support pins and plunger tips designed and customised to meet the requirements of the customers.

Advantages and features of the Copromec system:
  1. constant injection curve over time thanks to the self-compensation mechanism of the ring;
  2. higher productivity thanks to fewer machine downtime and shorter cycle times;
  3. excellent vacuum sealing (<50mbar)
  4. excellent performance even at high injection speeds in the second phase;
  5. significant increase in shot sleeve lifetime;
  6. compensation of shot sleeve ovalization and deformation;
  7. in case of absence or incorrect lubrication, the shot sleeve will not be damaged.